Muharram Program 2017 04 October 2017

Scottish Islamic & Cultural centre and Minhaj ul Quran Dundee held a successful Muharram Conference in the remembrance of Sayyedina Imam e Hussain (R.A.) on 1st Oct 2017. The programme was attended by the youth as well as Dundee community. About 120 people attended the conference. The conference was led by Brother Waqar Younas for Youth program (6-7) and then Dr Abid Awan who was the Stage Secretary who enlightened everyone's heart and gave an insightful talk during the conference. Tilawat was recited by a young student of Jami Masjid Bilal i.e Rehan Mahmood, Rayyan Mustafa, Salahuddin Azhar. A short talk in English was delivered by Arham Islam, Haris Hayat , Shahzeb Shahid & Zain ul Arfeen in the remembrance of the martyrdom of Imam e Hussain (R.A.). Manqabat was recited beautifully by Ayyan Zahid & Abdul Ahad. Main English speech was made by Allama Usman Al-Azhari who shed some light on how Yazeed is not amongst the believers. Beautiful Naat & Manqabat was presented by Allama Adeel Qasmi and Talat Mahmood and Mujahid Islam. Main Urdu speech was delivered by Dr Rafeeq Habib of MQI Glasgow, who spoke about the sacrifices of Sayyedina Imam e Hussain as to how he sacrificed everything to revive the religion of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). Allama Shahid Baber concluded the Mehfil with a heart touching Dua and Salaam was lead by Allama Adeel Qasmi of SICC Dundee.
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