SICC Dundee


The Scottish Islamic and Cultural Centre is a well known and respectable organisation of Dundee and serving the Muslims and local communities of all faiths and believes for more than the last twelve years. It was established in 1996 by a group of Open minded, Open hearted, Balance, Modern and Moderate Muslims of Dundee. The Structure (Skeleton) of this Organisation is as follows.


  • Trustees
  • Management committee
  • Education committee (Members from management committee, Teaching staff, women wing and representatives from parents)
  • Welfare committee


Following are the different working groups of the organisation.

  • Women wing
  • Youth wing
  • Educational wing
  • Welfare wing
  • Social & Cultural wing
  • Senior citizens wing

Affiliations and

  • Minhaj-ul-Quraan International (MQI)
  • Muslim Scholars Forum (MSF)
  • Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (Minab)
  • Scottish Interfaith Council (SIC)
  • Forum for Islamic Guidance(FIG)
  • Dundee Interfaith Association (DIFA)
  • Dundee City Council Education Department


  • Dundee City Council
  • Tayside Police
  • Tayside NHS

SICC Dundee

Functions and Facilities


  • Daily five times regularly.
  • Weekly Once every Friday with attendance of 300-350 people
  • Annually Twice on Eid Occasions attended by > 400 people
  • Special evening prayers During the Holy month of Ramadan.


  • Daily Teaching of Arabic and Religious education (Mon to Fri) for both Boys and Girls.
  • Daily Teachings for Adults.
  • Weekly Teachings of Islam every Friday for boys and Girls.
  • Weekly Urdu language classes for all.
  • Monthly Religious teachings program for women.
  • All the teachers are qualified and registered with PVG Disclosure Scotland through Roshni Scotland.


  • Special Occasion programs for men & women.
  • Monthly meeting of the management committee for day to day issues.
  • Radio Ramadan every year in the Holy month of Ramadan(subject to funding by council/authorities )

Annual PEACE MARCH always led by the LORD PROVOST of the DUNDEE with MPs & MSPs from across the political parties of Scotland, Muslim Scholars, Representatives from Church, Local council, Interfaith, Tayside police, Media and public from all faiths and walks of life participate in large numbers to promote the importance of Peace for human beings.

Social services

Fund collection and donations through Lord Provost and our own parent welfare foundation (Minhaj Welfare Foundation) for any Disaster anywhere in the world, irrespective of the Race, Region or Religion.

Public awareness and provision of health check facility in collaboration with Tayside NHS for the local community. Facilitate the Tayside Police to be in contact with local residents for their social problems and awareness.

Arranging social gatherings for Men and women on different occasions for the members of all faiths. Children’s Social and Educational activities through out the year.